Whitetail Probiotics for Deer

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Whitetail Digest Multi-probiotic Feed Spray for Deer is manufactured with proprietary strains of probiotics and helps promote deer wellness and performance. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity are essential for animal performance and Arka’s probiotic aid in GI tract and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.


Mix daily with feed if possible and follow the recommended application guide on the product label.

Whitetail Digest Multi-probiotic Feed Spray for Deer is a proprietary formulated solution, manufactured with our multi-cultured probiotic, suitable for deer of all types, ages and activities.  Our products are mixed with your ordinary feed or water at a small rate, which synergistic-ally works with any feed program.

Our services have over 10 years of research, application and formulation of natural feed for dairy through a unique manufacturing process.  Manufactured in USA. 


  • Includes multi-strain live and viable microorganisms
  • Contains probiotics that can stay viable in water for up to 24 hrs
  • pH balance to survive the digestive system
  • Highly palatable
  • Administered by water dosmatic system or spray on feed
  • Reduces potential for pathogenic overgrowth
  • Helps to increase villus height

When To Use:

  • To stabilize, balance & optimize digestive health
  • To help control the level of pathogens by biological dominance
  • To increase conversion of feed and rate of gain
  • To boost immune function
  • To assist in milk production 
  • To assist in breakdown of protein, fiber, calcium and phosphorous 

For use in: Deer of all ages

Available In: All regions throughout USA