pets-arka-probiotics.pngArka Organics products for pets provide natural solutions to overcome digestive challenges faced within the pet industry.  Our organic solution is beneficial for all facets of the pet industry – from fish to felines, from canaries to canines. Our probiotic solutions optimize palatability, encourage gut health and build natural immune function for happy animals. 

Multi-probiotic Pet Food Spray helps to unlock vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients from food, essential for absorption. These sprays provide energy due to better utilization of nutrients. Your pet will love the delicious taste of these sprays and will simply think he or she is getting treats.

Sick and healthy pets all need Multi-probiotic Pet Food Spray, but, surprisingly, the best time to start supplementing your pet is when they are well and young. An animal that begins a natural enzyme supplementation regimen during times of wellness as a young animal stands the best chance at long-term health. Why? 

During the formative months, your pet is developing their natural immune and digestive systems—the gut is essentially sterile and will take months for these healthy microorganisms to flourish. Since approximately 80% of your pet’s immune function is in the gut, it is important that during these young months, that you seed your pet’s digestive tract with healthy flora (healthy bacteria). These healthy microorganisms will help control pathogenic bacteria and avoid developing allergies or other health issues later in life.