BARIKI® EQUINE Keeps  Horse Digestive Tract Healthy and Balanced

BARIKI® DIGEST is a once a day essential to enhance digestive process, thus making all nutrients immediately available from your current feed. For all horses at every stage of life, whether they are breeding stock, pleasure or performance! BARIKI® DIGEST is specially designed to help your horse manage digestive stress caused by hay fluctuations, stress, competition, transport, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, unhealthy diet – high grain, high starch – or changes in diet. 

BARIKI PERFORMANCE® feed for equine has over 10 years of research, application and formulation of natural feed mix for horses. Contains predigested feed with **amino acids, plant extracts, yeast extracts, antioxidants, sea minerals, vitamins, pre-biotics, and highly nutritious feed additive for your horse. Predigested means that our feed is broken down prior to your horse's digestive system.

Bariki products provides high levels of specialized ingredients to help keep your horse's digestive tract healthy and balanced.  This specially formulated equine product is recommended daily to assist in maintaining normal levels of gut flora as a preventive measure.